Middle Ages

by Sweeney

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As a tree in a deep mirror

As a mountain reversed
As a bird swimming in the sky
All is free & unbroken
& the day will open up before me"

--- Sweeney, 2017


released February 2, 2017

Written, performed and produced by Sweeney.
Cello, Accordion & String Arrangements by Zoë Barry.
Bass & Guitars by Jed Palmer.
Recorded by Jed Palmer at Mixmasters, April 2016.



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Sweeney Australia

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Track Name: Night at Spirit Lake
When day fades shadows fall
Beneath ash & stone
& cries below
In mountains
I float here
I water clear
The lake of home
Draws close the spirit
With ghosts gathering
& songs they sing
Pure water clear
Pure water clear

I take a vow of silence
Track Name: End of Men
Oh goddess before us
She will outlast our death
A creation mother
Inside this land
Watching her ghost
Dream of the end of men
Their damage is done
Will healing commence?

Division of nations
They will never know
The power to conjure
To breathe & to grow
Trampled upon
The sacred & profane
Curses upon his masculine name

Will he die?
Will he die?

& her siren is silent call
& her shadow is a darkened cloak
Release into light the bird of prey
The natural world will have its day

She would survive!
She would survive!
Track Name: 45
I’ve lost elasticity
I’ve lost the curve
I’ve lost bone structure
I’ve lost hard lines

In darkness I will disappear
In darkness I will disappear

Tonight, come back
Tonight, come back

I’m soft to touch
I’m warm & lonely
I create an energy
Anti-masculine in form

Take me out tonight
Take me out tonight
Track Name: Oh Goddess
Oh goddess I feel his heart
& he waits by the lake with his love

Oh goddess I want to be so alive
& see the fiery skies & the mountains wide
And travel the seas with him by my side

Oh goddess he’s my true love
The mystics & the moon know
I’ll dig the earth for him
’Til my fingers are raw

Oh goddess I’ll wait for him
It’s cold & violent wherever he’s not
Without his love please smother me
In feathers & tar
In feathers & tar
In feathers & tar …
Track Name: Man of Dreams
Soon I’ll hear his call
My lover’s song
His lungs of steel
His chest so broad
His arms so strong, embrace

Lays his armour down
His shield & sword
The shadow’s play
On his gorgeous form
A banquet laid for him

I’ll prepare to bathe
His battle scars
The wounds that heal
His clothes soaked through
His breath is warm in my ear

He’s killed 100 men
With rocks & spears
But when he lays me down
His tender grasp
His gentle soul revealed
Track Name: When He Went Away
When he went away
I did leave with the clouds

When he went away
I did weep like the rain

When he went away
I did sigh like the wind

When he went away
When he went away

When he went away
I danced like the trees

When he went away
I stayed the course like the river

When he went away
I took flight with the birds

When he went away
I dug my hands in the dirt

When he went away
When he went away
Track Name: True Love
Love, true love
Oh love, true love

The earth will smile
A melancholy smile
For him
In the night

With kisses soft
A warmer place
With kisses soft
To be in his arms

His love
My true love

When it’s cold & dark
Away from his love

In darkness I will disappear
In fog only to see the world

He’s here
He’s here

My true love
Oh his love
Track Name: None but the Lonely Heart
Oh where have we disappeared?
Fading into the dark night

Will we be alone
When the weight falls on us?

Will you follow them around?
Touching their bodies so cold

Will we be prepared
When the weight falls on us?

When the weight falls on us
When the weight falls on us
Track Name: Burial
Soft is the wind that blows
Dance of the trees above
I’m thrown to the ground below

You cry for an ancient world
As the earth swallows me whole
Still down, down to the mud I must go

Praise me to the dust & sand
Sing me to the skies as they grow dark
You are still free in flight & silent

Place a stone above me
Engrave my letters there
All I ask: don’t forget me